Nymphing Podcast : Learning to Czech Nymph

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Nymphing Podcast : Learning to Czech Nymph Nymphing is without doubt a fly anglers’ number one method to catching fish subsurface in rivers.  Nymphing : The practice of using an artificial fly representing an insect in its subadult form, or nymph, to catch fish.  The nymph is fished at or near the bottom of the river using various methods developed … Read More

Gift Certificates – Fly Fishing Gifts

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Fly Fishing Gift Certificates Whether it is for Christmas, Father’s Day, Mother’s Day or a Birthday, we have a gift certificate for you!  All you have to do is fill out our booking form with your preferred fly fishing trip and we will email you the certificate valid to be used within 1 year of purchase!  We offer casting lessons, … Read More

Learn How to Czech Nymph

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How to Czech Nymph – An Online Fly Fishing Course I have always enjoyed helping and watching others catch fish.  Perhaps that is why I became a guide over 20 years ago. The spring of 2020 presented an opportunity to bring some of my guiding techniques online.  In partnership with April Vokey of Anchored Outdoors and Jordie Lepage from Topo … Read More

COVID-19 Operating Protocol

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Valley Fishing Guides Ltd. – COVID-19 Protocol April 24, 2021 Please read this document in its entirety before booking a trip with us.  This is our commitment to keep you safe and our guides safe in this time of COVID-19. NEW April 24, 2021: Sea to Sky Travel restrictions implemented starting April 24th means that we will not be offering … Read More

How to Tie A Pheasant Tail Nymph for BC Rivers

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How to Tie a Pheasant Tail Nymph for BC Rivers – The 511 Turbo Nymph     The 511 Turbo Nymph is a simple and effective variation on the classic Frenchie fly. This is fly designed to sink fast (in BC we can only use one fly) and it represents many food items! When Czech Nymphing or “Tight Line” or … Read More

25th Wedding Anniversary Spent Heli-Fishing

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Heli-Fishing in July How about going fly fishing on your 25th wedding anniversary? Sounds great right?  Well how about adding in a helicopter, two guides, and a professional photographer?  Now that is the way to do it!  Ryan and I were fortunate to take this lovely couple out for a great day of heli-fishing on the Pitt River recently.  Joern … Read More

Squamish Fly Fishing Trips

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Squamish Fly Fishing with Valley Fishing Guides Pure Wilderness fly fishing trips in Squamish BC. Squamish Fly Fishing Trips There is no question that the Squamish area rivers, the surrounding mountains, and the flora and fauna provide some of the most spectacular fly fishing locations in British Columbia. However, the scenery isn’t the only reason to make the trek to … Read More

Squamish and Whistler Fishing Report – Squamish River Watershed Snow-Pillow at All-Time Low

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The following image is from the River Forecast Center – The Squamish river is on track to reach summer flow rates by the first week of June! Currently the Squamish is out.  Do not even bother fishing the main-stem unless you are at a confluence of a tributary stream. Currently the Cheakamus river and Mamquam rivers are flowing at fish-able … Read More

Launch Day!

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Launch Day! Finally! Today is the day! Today is a very big day! We are finally launching our new website and video! I know, I know, the old site was dated (2004-ish) but for those of you who have never put together a website or worked with a company to build such a thing….it takes a long time! You just … Read More