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How to Czech Nymph – An Online Fly Fishing Course

I have always enjoyed helping and watching others catch fish.  Perhaps that is why I became a guide over 20 years ago. The spring of 2020 presented an opportunity to bring some of my guiding techniques online.  In partnership with April Vokey of Anchored Outdoors and Jordie Lepage from Topo Films we produced an online course that teaches the most influential technique I’ve used as a professional guide and competitive angler to succeed on the water – Czech Nymphing.

Czech Nymphing - The Cast and Presentation

Teaching the Cast and Presentation

Czech Nymphing a BC River

Clint Goyette Presenting a nymph on a BC River


Why Learn How to Czech Nymph / Why Take This Online Fly Fishing Course in Czech Nymphing?

Do you like to catch fish? I’m guessing the answer is YES! Well, Czech Nymphing catches fish….and lots of them.

I’ve learned many things from my good friend Igor Slavik [ @igi_flyfish on instagram ], retired Manager of the Czech National Fly Fishing team and famous guide in the Czech Republic.  Over breakfast on a steelhead trip he let me in on a secret:  They don’t have many large fish in the Czech republic but they have lots of small ones so they compete to catch as many as possible to make it more exciting.  Czech nymphing is how they do it!


Check out the PODCAST on Anchored Outdoors where April Vokey interviews me on the method of Czech Nymphing: Czech Nymphing Podcast

Igor Slavic with a Squamish bull trout

Igor Slavic with a Squamish Bull Trout

Here is the course outline. The course was designed to give you the basic tools and techniques required to get out on the water and try Czech nymphing.

  1. Getting Started

This is an overview of what Czech Nymphing is and some back-story on the technique.

  1. Equipment

Learn about rods, reels, and lines used while employing the Czech nymph technique

  1. Casting

Learn the principles of the basic cast and touch on the oval cast or Belgian cast required to fish at distance.

  1. Approach

Learn how to approach the water based on stream type and depth

  1. Hook set and Play

Learn when and how to set the hook as well as playing large fish on light tippet to maximize success.

  1. Leaders

Learn how to set up leaders I use for BC rivers that quite often have many different species and a large fish encounter is probable.

  1. Knots

Learn the knots required to set up the leaders, tippet, and attaching the fly to the tippet.

  1. Tying the Egg Fly

Learn to tie a proven egg pattern and how to present the fly.

  1. Fly Tying the Nymph

Learn to tie a proven pheasant tail nymph and how to present the fly.

  1. Fly Tying the Winter Fly

Learn a proven fry pattern used to target bull trout, cutthroat trout, and rainbow trout in the late winter and spring and how to present the fly.

  1. Conclusion

Finally and wrap up of the course on how to Czech nymph.

Most of my clients are beginner to intermediate anglers.  Many are new to fly fishing entirely. There is always a limited amount of time to teach all that is required for a beginner angler to catch a fish. Teaching beginner fly anglers to Czech nymph is one of my go to methods of guiding.

If you are planning on a guided trip and want to get a head start on the technique take a look at the free chapter on Czech nymphing.

If you have already been on a trip with me then this course in Czech nymphing will be a great refresher for you.


Client has Success Czech Nymphing

Gregg, a client, is such a fan of Czech nymphing he wrote an article about it!

Netting a Steelhead caught Czech Nymphing

Netting a Steelhead

Client with a big Bull Trout Caught while Czech Nymphing

Client with a big Bull Trout

Remember as Captain Jim Iredale says “Catch a fish, then another, and another…….”


Tight lines,


Clint Goyette


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