Brohm Creek – Reports and Global TV Special Report

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The Brohm River is a valuable steelhead and salmon spawning and rearing stream located in Squamish British Columbia. It is currently threatened by a proposal to build a ski and golf resort in Squamish called Garibaldi at Squamish. Here is more information on the subject so you can be informed: Global TV Report Report on Brohm River by Biologist Pat … Read More

Catching Bull Trout on the Fly

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How to Catch Bull Trout on the Fly The question on one of the message forums I take part in was basically how to catch bull trout on the fly…. This is my short response: It all depends on the water you are fishing and the time of year. Standard Streamer Set-Up for Bull Trout I have caught bull trout … Read More

Going Fishing – Check Your BC River Levels First

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I often get emails and phone calls as to whether the Squamish River is at a level that is fishable. Luckily our Government has created a website that allows anyone with access to the Internet to find out just that!     Here is the website you should bookmark:     When you pick your “Province”, in this … Read More

Sea Lice Debate – Get Informed

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There is a significant Sea Lice Debate going on in BC that is being fueled by the money involved in Fish Farming.  Here is a great summary for those without scientific backgrounds regarding the “Science” currently monitoring the sea lice situation in the Broughton Archipelago in British Columbia: Having read through the Summaries (78 pages), I feel much more … Read More