Nymphing Podcast : Learning to Czech Nymph

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Nymphing Podcast : Learning to Czech Nymph

Nymphing is without doubt a fly anglers’ number one method to catching fish subsurface in rivers.  Nymphing : The practice of using an artificial fly representing an insect in its subadult form, or nymph, to catch fish.  The nymph is fished at or near the bottom of the river using various methods developed by fly anglers over centuries.

Czech Nymphing a BC River

Czech Nymphing a River in Squamish

Check out this nymphing podcast on Anchored Outdoors where April Vokey interviews Clint Goyette on why learning to fly fish using the Czech Nymph method should be on your radar.

Anchored Podcast Ep. 178

Outline of This Episode

  • [5:25] When did he first learn about Czech nymphing?
  • [14:00] What is Czech nymphing?
  • [22:45] Equipment
  • [28:24] Can you catch steelhead?
  • [32:42] Let’s talk flies

Interested in learning more about Czech Nymphing? You can take this online fly fishing course or better yet book a trip to learn the Czech Nymphing technique today!

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