FN0826-Salmon: Region 2 – Non-Tidal – Cheakamus, Mamquam, Squamish Rivers – Zero Retention of Chum

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Effective 00:01 October 30, 2008 until further notice, the daily limit for chum salmon is zero (0) per day in the Mamquam River, Cheakamus River and Squamish River (including tributaries). The Squamish-Lillooet Sport Fishing Advisory Committee (SLSFAC) and Department of Fisheries and Oceans staff have noted low returns of chum salmon to these systems to date. The SLSFAC recommended that … Read More

GaS Threat to Cheakamus Steelhead Stocks

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For those who may not know about the Garibaldi at Squamish Project (GaS), you may find information here: GaS Website This development WILL take the water supply from the already endangered stock of steelhead.  Brohm Creek is the main spawning channel for Cheakamus Steelhead.  It must be protected.   Vote against GaS! Here is the assessment office website: Environmental Assessment Office … Read More

Squamish Salmon Run 2008

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Hmmmm….Well, the salmon have arrived.  I caught my first chum early in the run, however, numbers are pretty low meaning the fishing is darn slow.   Every day that I am out either fishing or observing (walking the dogs) I have seen fish moving but not in the numbers we are used to. The fish that are there are not … Read More

Mel Krieger – Passes on Oct 7 2008

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It was with great saddness that I found out  that one of the greatest individuals to share his knowledge of fly fishing with me through his books and videos passed away last week.   I own several of Mel Krieger’s books and casting videos and I owe a lot of what I know to his teachings.  He will sorely be … Read More