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At Valley Fishing Guides, we pride ourselves on having the knowledge and experience to provide you with a very memorable fly fishing trip in the remote wilderness of Squamish, British Columbia, Canada. Our fishing guides are always increasing their knowledge by reading, watching videos, training, and spending time on the water.

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The following is a summary list of our qualifications and a photo of each fishing guide. If you have further questions about our fly fishing guide services or fishing in the Whistler, Squamish and Vancouver area, please feel free to email us using the link below and we will be happy to answer any questions you may have.
Clint Goyette, Valley Fishing Guides

Clint Goyette


Meet Clint Goyette, a dedicated Angling Guide and Entrepreneur. Clint's mission is to deliver top-notch service, expertise, standards, and safety to his clients as a Professional Angling Guide.  

Clint's educational background includes a biology degree from Dalhousie University in Halifax, Nova Scotia, and specialized training in Fish and Wildlife Technology from Sir Sandford Fleming College in Lindsay, Ontario. He is a Certified Fly Casting Instructor through Fly Fishers International and possesses comprehensive first aid training, including Outdoor Emergency Care, Wilderness First Responder, and Swiftwater Rescue. Clint's boat handling skills and safety protocols have received approval from Transport Canada.

His credentials have earned him recognition as a Professional Angling Guide by the Canadian Human Tourism Resource Commission (CHTRC). Clint resides in Squamish with his wife, three children, and a multitude of beloved pets.

Accreditations & Achievements:

  • Tourism Certified Professional - FWG : emerit Professionally Certified Freshwater Angling Guide
  • Transport Canada Certified with Small Vessel Operator Proficiency (SVOP) and MED A3, Radio Operators Certificate - Maritime
  • Fly Fishers International CI Certified Casting Instructor
  • First Aid: Outdoor Emergency Care & Wilderness First Responder & WFA  CPR & AED
  • Swiftwater Rescue Technician I
  • Class 4 Driver's Licence (Commercial)
  • The New Fly Fisher Episode 2022 - Euro-Nymphing for Bull Trout in BC
  • 2011 BC Loch-style Championship Team Bronze Medal Winner
  • 2012 BC Loch-Style Championship Team Gold and Individual Gold Medal Winner
  • 2013 Canadian National Fly Fishing Championship Team Silver Medal Winner
  • 2014 Canadian National Fly Fishing Championship Team Gold Medal Winner
  • 2015 Canadian National Fly Fishing Championship Team Silver and Individual Silver Medal
  • 2017 Canadian National Fly Fishing Championships Team Gold Medal Winner, Individual Bronze
  • 2017 Manitoba Provincial Fly Fishing Championship Winner
  • 2018 Canadian National Fly Fishing Championship Team Silver
  • 2018 Mark Anderson Memorial Championship Team Bronze
  • 2019 Ontario Fly Fishing Championship Individual Silver Medal Winner
  • 2019 Ontario Fly Fishing Championship Team Silver Medal Winner
  • 2019 Canadian National Fly Fishing Championships Team Silver Medal Winner
  • 2024 Canadian National Fly Fishing Championships Team Bronze, Individual Silver Medal Winner
  • Team Canada World Fly Fishing Championship Competitor - 30th  Poland 2010, Italy 2011,  Czech Republic 2014
  • Team Canada Competitor - 2016 Commonwealth Fly Fishing Championships - Mt Tremblant
  • Professional Angler for Hire: BC Hydro, CN Rail, Instream Fisheries, Golder and Associates
  • Consulting: Harry Rosen - Photo Shoot at Whistler
  • Ford Canada 2018 F-150 Q1 Commercial - Fly Casting Actor and Consulting
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Gerald Wolfe, Valley Fishing Guides

gerald Wolfe

Fishing Guide

Gerald has been an avid fly fisherman since he can remember, practicing casting in his backyard before he was 9 years old. 28 years of living in the Sea to Sky corridor has provided him with knowledge of seasonal changes and the places to find salmon, trout, steelhead, and char throughout the year. Gerald is an accomplished fly fisherman and has earned the reputation as a great teammate and leader. In 2018, he competed as a member of Team Canada at the 2018 Commonwealth Fly fishing Championships in Northern Ireland. He has competed at the North American Loch Style Fly fishing Championships for the past 5 years and won a Team Gold medal in 2018. As a professional forester and arborist by training, when not guiding, he runs a successful natural resource consulting business in Squamish. He is a member of Squamish Search and Rescue, receiving training in wilderness first aid, swift water rescue, helicopter safety and hover exit. Gerald is fully qualified for any guided fly fishing adventure.
  • Team Canada Competitor - 2018 Commonwealth Fly Fishing Championships - Ireland
  • 2018 North American Loch-Style Championships Team Gold Medal Winner
  • 2019 North American Locch-Style Championships Team Silver Medal Winner
Brandon Higgs, Valley Fishing Guides


Fishing Guide

As a young boy Brandon cut his teeth fishing for warm water species in the lakes and rivers surrounding London, Ontario. In 2006 "Higgs" took up stakes and moved to the West Coast to start a new life. Upon arrival in BC all things fishing quickly became an obsession and a move to Squamish in 2011 solidified his ability to fish more frequently. A fire technician by trade Brandon is also an accomplished tier and fly fisherman and ready to make your day on the water a success. Even if the fishing is tough Brandon's contagious sense of humour and outlook on life will keep you optimistic for the next bite!

  • 2017 Canadian National Fly Fishing Championships Team Gold Medal Winner
  • 2018 Canadian National Fly Fishing Championship Team Silver Winner
  • 2019 Ontario Fly Fishing Championship Team Silver Medal Winner
  • 2019 Canadian National Fly Fishing Championships Team Silver Medal Winner
Gillian Steele, Valley Fishing Guides

Gillian Steele

Fishing Guide

Gillian has spent years in the footsteps of her father chasing down salmon, steelhead, and trout in the rivers of the lower mainland. Her command of fly-fishing developed in the Skagit Valley where very early on she learned to dead drift dries for wild rainbows and became consumed by the realm of delicate presentations. Every September through until November you will find Gill chasing coho in the Squamish, Cheakamus, and Ashlu rivers as her familiarity with the Sea-to-Sky systems has materialized from countless days in the pursuit of fish. Having worked in her family tackle shop since she was 15, Gill is well versed in local knowledge and has profound affinity for working with people.

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