Squamish and Whistler Fishing Report – Squamish River Watershed Snow-Pillow at All-Time Low

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The following image is from the River Forecast Center – The Squamish river is on track to reach summer flow rates by the first week of June! Currently the Squamish is out.  Do not even bother fishing the main-stem unless you are at a confluence of a tributary stream.

Currently the Cheakamus river and Mamquam rivers are flowing at fish-able levels, however, both have turned colour due to the glacial till.

The Birkenhead river is currently running high but there are some pockets that hold fish. The clarity of the Birkenhead makes wading deceiving. Be careful as this river is very swift at this time of year.

All of these rivers have a BAIT BAN! Today I found Power-Bait on a river as well as I ran into an angler who admittedly had been fishing with Power Bait.  Power Bait, Worms, Salmon Eggs (Roe), and any flavored/smelly plastics are ILLEGAL on any stream in Squamish, Whistler, or Pemberton rivers.  Conservation Officers are on the lookout! Be sure to report violations to the authorities. 1-877-952-7277

Enjoy the weekend!

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