Launch Day!

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Launch Day!

Finally! Today is the day! Today is a very big day! We are finally launching our new website and video! I know, I know, the old site was dated (2004-ish) but for those of you who have never put together a website or worked with a company to build such a thing….it takes a long time! You just want the damn thing to be done so you can show it off and get back to important things like fishing!

 For those of you who did not see the old website here is a screen shot:

Here is a shot of the new site coming later today! I’m so excited!

 But I like fishing with multiple flies……so I had to put another one on-the-line…(he he he…see what I did there).

So over the past two months, in between fly fishing trips and competition angling, I put some video on a drive and fired it in the mail to a wicked video production company and said “I hope there is something to work with there.”

This is what they sent back with the words “Here is the first cut…”

I said Pardon!! That might be an understatement of what actually happened….but you can let me know what you think of the video as we are on the Facebook and something called Twitter .  
So there you have it. A new website and a video. I would like to thank all those involved including Dave at Infuse Design, Joern Rhode at Whistler Traveller Magazine , Nick at Vantage Point Media House and all the clients and guides that made this all possible.  You’re an amazing group of talented individuals!
It has been a long process and like fly fishing…we are always learning and trying to get better along the way.
Time to get off the line and back on the water…it is a long weekend after all!

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