Trout Fly Fishing Equipment for the Whistler & Squamish Area

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I am often asked what to bring to fish for trout in the Squamish and Whistler area. Well here it is:
Fly Lines:
1. Sink tip line Type III or IV (Required for targeting char in rivers)
2. Floating Line (rivers and lakes) 3. Intermediate sink Type II or III for stillwaters

Rods: 9 or 9.5 ft – 4wt for rainbows, 5 or 6wt for rainbows/cutthroat/char (Dolly Varden/Bull Trout)

Reels: Large arbor is essential to pick up line when fishing the lakes. The rainbows have a tendency to turn and run very quickly at the angler.

Flies: A selection of the following:

Dry Flies
*Elk Hair Caddis – Brown/Black (#10-#16)
*Tom Thumb (#10-#16)
Stimulators (#6-#10) Goddard Caddis (#10)

Nymphs (beaded and unbeaded):
*Pheasant Tail – Browns #14-#10
*Hare’s Ear – Natural
Kauffman stonefly – brown, black #6-#10
Caddis Pupa – #14
Dragon Nymphs – Browns/Blacks
Damsel Nymphs (olive #8,#10)

Doc Spratley
*Wooly Buggers – size 8 (*Brown, Black, Olive)
Egg Sucking Leech
Muddler Minnows

Most prey species in the area are as follows:

Salmon fry / Small Trout (1.5-3″), Sculpins (1.5-4″), Caddis, Mayfly, Stonefly, leeches (mostly browns)

Hint – In Summer, fish the surface first in rivers with a dry, then follow through again with a wet fly to produce char!

*Make sure you have these!

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  1. clint,

    my name is jay, we met at Tommy Africa’s through a mutual friend Greg from snowboard school. this is an excellent blog, thank you for the patterns i will need to fill my box with.

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