Squamish Pink Salmon Return 2009 – Update 2

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The Summer of 2009 continues to prove to be a challenging one. Local rivers continue to run high due to the 34+ degree weather we have experienced over the past week. The thunderstorms that occurred on July 25th raised water levels to freshet levels and melt caused by the hot weather has maintained those levels.

Squamish River Levels July 31
Squamish River levels are available online here

The Mamquam continues to carry glacial till from Ring Creek making visibility marginal at best, however, the Mamquam remains at a fishable level.

A debris flow from the Cheekye river caused by the heavy rains during the July 25th storm has partially blocked the Cheakamus River causing concern for the small village of Cheekye. There is a great photo of the debris flow in the Squamish Chief newspaper article that you can read further here. The Cheakamus River continues to add glacial till to the Squamish River from Culliton Creek.

The photo above is of the Squamish River July 30th with Mount Garibaldi in the distance. The thunderstorm clouds that caused the Blackcomb Mountain Fire are also visible behind Mount Garibaldi.

With all this gloom and doom, there is hope. I have seen seals actively working the river searching for salmon and I do not believe they would be there for fun. When the water does recede, fish will be present and we will be there to catch them! Maybe Squamish Days Loggers Sports is the thing to do this long weekend!

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Pink Salmon fly in coloured water
Underwater view of a pink fly in the current water conditions (the fly is a few inches from the camera lens…)

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