Brohm Creek – Reports and Global TV Special Report

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The Brohm River is a valuable steelhead and salmon spawning and rearing stream located in Squamish British Columbia. It is currently threatened by a proposal to build a ski and golf resort in Squamish called Garibaldi at Squamish. Here is more information on the subject so you can be informed:

Global TV Report

Report on Brohm River by Biologist Pat Slaney

Here is an interesting article in MacLean’s Magazine regarding the BC Ski Industry’s dirty little secret….ski resorts are not made for skiers….they are made for real estate development….and the real kicker is that according to a 1985 agreement if a ski hill goes bankrupt, the Province is on the hook to keep running it! Gotta love that!

Here is where YOU can make a difference:

Go to the British Columbia Environmental Assessment Office website and let them know how you feel about the project!

Save our Rivers!

One Comment on “Brohm Creek – Reports and Global TV Special Report”

  1. It is very sad, hearing so much about this sort of thing lately. Money is always looking for ways to kill trout and salmon.

    I was in the Squamish area a number of years ago hiking in the elaho valley. I remember wishing I had my fly rod with me.

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