Wild Salmon Under Threat of Extinction, Study Shows

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Yet another study shows that farming salmon on the West Coast is devastating wild salmon stocks. When will our government take action?

If our government will not take action, please do so yourself. Do Not buy Farmed Salmon or Farmed Steelhead (Costco)! If you know someone who does, let them know of what it is doing to our Wild Stocks! Ask at all restaurants if they are serving wild. Boycott those that are not. Let Supermarket Managers know that they are contributing to the extinction of BC Salmon buy even selling the product. Please do your part!

Here is the article and background:

“Wild salmon hit by parasite from fish farms”:

For more information on the Science sea lice study please visit:
Sea Lice Study

Press release – “Fish Farms Drive Wild Salmon Populations Toward Extinction” – is available via:

For a summary of the scientific paper:

More Websites:






It is up to YOU now!

Save our Wild Salmon!

Tight Lines,

Clint Goyette

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