Squamish / Whistler Fishing Report – March 5, 2011

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Whistler/Squamish Area Lakes: Frozen!

Whistler/Squamish Area Rivers: Fishing has been intermittent with the wacky weather we’ve been having. Rivers are running very low, cold and clear right now. A mix of rain and snow is in the forecast so clarity will most likely stay the same for part of this week. As daytime air temperatures increase towards the end of the week and precipitation falls as rain expect water colour to change and catch rates to increase. Fry have begun to emerge and within the next few weeks we should see a dramatic increase in this seasonal event. Once daytime river temperatures reach 4C on a regular basis we will see many more fry. Slender flies with flash are key in low and clear conditions with increasing size as water colour diminishes. Smaller flies and use of erratic presentation is the key for targeting resident rainbows and bull trout – Remember to Pause! Flies in the size #8 stripped slowly or swung are producing fish in 1-3ft of water. Olive, black, white and naturals are go to colours – add silver flash. Still nothing to report on the steelhead front as they are not here in any great numbers yet.

Upper Squamish Valley Rd.: Snowcovered. More snow on the way.



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