Squamish Salmon Run 2008

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Hmmmm….Well, the salmon have arrived.  I caught my first chum early in the run, however, numbers are pretty low meaning the fishing is darn slow.   Every day that I am out either fishing or observing (walking the dogs) I have seen fish moving but not in the numbers we are used to. The fish that are there are not very active except when avoiding the gauntlet of seals in the river.  I personally counted 6 seals in one run ~100m of river and another friend of mine counted around 20 seals earlier in the week…in one location!   Yes they were outfishing all of us.

Generally speaking, the Canadian Thanksgiving weekend is when we can count on multi fish days.  Right now you are lucky if you hook up!  In any case, an increase will occur as we reach the peak of the run  in late October to mid November…. whatever that peak run size is.  Of note, the chum run on the north coast this year was terrible so I am hoping ours will be better than theirs.  Oh, and if you care, bears (both Grizzly and Black) are on the look out for the salmon too….and the less salmon there are, the more the bears will be looking.  So keep your eyes peeled and carry bear spray!
On a positive note, there are significantly high tides over the next few days and and bit of rain is expected.  These two events coinciding with one another should also put a push of fish into the river.  One thing you can bet on…I will be out on the water to find out!
Tight lines!

2 Comments on “Squamish Salmon Run 2008”

  1. Hi Clint,

    I was wondering if there were lots of eagles around Brackendale these days. Did the chum run improve, or was it just bad. I was in southern Alaska this summer the the chum run was terrible. Thanks for your help.


  2. Hi Graeme,

    There are a lot of eagles in Brackendale and all the way up to the upper Squamish river. Unfortunately the run remained one of the worst in recent memory. Next year we should see an improvement based on escapement in Spring 2006 and ocean conditions since that time.

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