Squamish River Fishing Report – Feb 1, 2019

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The rivers are rising today due to the rain we are experiencing , however, that will be short lived.
 Squamish River Levels
Squamish River Level
The weather forecast is for overnight temps in Squamish to drop to -9C (sorry Ontario but that is cold for us!) which will continue through early to mid next week.  That will cause the rivers to drop dramatically fast and fishing will slow way down. 

Future Cast
The Squamish Snow Pillow Data shows that the current snow pack has now fallen below 2018 levels.  That said the early snow in December and January is keeping the levels above normal.  It is still far too early to predict how the final snowpack will play out on the summer pink salmon return but we will keep you posted.
 Squamish Snow Pillow Data
Squamish River Basin Snow Level
Lower elevation snow is minimal at this time, however, most roads in the Upper Squamish are covered in 60+ cm of snow and mostly single lane with serious ruts. It is not recommended to travel without proper recovery equipment and tires.
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Local fishing regulations:


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