Sea Lice Debate – Get Informed

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There is a significant Sea Lice Debate going on in BC that is being fueled by the money involved in Fish Farming.  Here is a great summary for those without scientific backgrounds regarding the “Science” currently monitoring the sea lice situation in the Broughton Archipelago in British Columbia:

Having read through the Summaries (78 pages), I feel much more informed about the “Science” involved in attributing the presence of increased numbers of sea lice to the survival of our West Coast Salmon populations. Although I did not go on to read the actual scientific articles, I found that reading the summaries was sufficiently enlightening to open my eyes to the many issues and areas of science involved in this debate. If you have an opinion about the salmon farms and their effects it would be wise to read this Summary to ensure you are informed to a better degree than just what we are given to read in the media.

In addition you may also be interested in the following publications provided by the Government of BC that clearly shows the amount of money at stake:

British Columbia Sea Food Statistics

2007 British Columbia Seafood Industry Year in Review – I was particularly shocked at the $$ involved in Farmed Atlantic Salmon…so obviously a fuel for the Sea Lice Debate.


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