Rewards from Learning to Czech Nymph

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Learn to Czech Nymph in BC

Over the past 5 years I have spent quite a bit of time teaching beginner and advanced fly anglers how to employ the method of presenting a nymph to fish on a short line in fast water.  This technique is commonly referred to as Czech or Polish nymphing. It is very effective for fly fishing fast streams such as those found on the west coast of beautiful British Columbia.

Quite often the fish caught are in the 10-14″ inch range, but in some cases surprisingly large fish take the little #10 to #18 nymphs.

Czech Nymphs for trout in BC

Some flies used when I teach the Czech nymph Technique

Our streams have many of the standard insects such as stoneflies, caddis, and many mayfies due to the pristine water conditions.  Using fly patterns that imitate these insects in their nymph stage is critical to the success of the Czech nymph technique.

Stonefly on a rock

Adult Stonefly Size #10 are common in June

When teaching we use various fly rods specifically designed for Czech nymphing such as Admira, Vision and Sage.

Czech nymph on an Admira fly rod

Admira 10′ 4wt is an excellent choice for nymphing

Sage 99 with a nymph

The Sage 99 is a great choice for Czech Nymphing

One of my favorite things about using this style of fly fishing is you never know what you’re going to catch and you always have to be prepared and remember your tippet strength!  The normal tippet size is 3X or 4X fluorocarbon in our coastal streams.


Bull trout caught by Czech nymphing

This small char fell for a nymph presented using the Czech nymphing technique in the Mamquam River in Squamish BC

Learn More About Nymphing and get Hands-On Training

If you are interested in learning more about this style of fishing there are many books available including one by George Daniel just published this year: Dynamic Nymphing: Tactics, Techniques, and Flies from Around the World

If you want to get some hands-on training you can book one of my guided trips here or take this online course and learn the technique of Czech Nymphing on our beautiful coastal BC rivers!

Rainbow trout caught on a Czech Nymph in BC

Wild Rainbow Trout Caught on a Czech Nymph


Bull trout caught on the Cheakamus River

Large fish such as this Bull Trout – Salvelinus confluentus can also succumb to small nymphs presented properly


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  1. Awesome article thanks!
    Out of curiosity, what hook is that ur using in the photo showing the Admira rod…
    Looks bit fine for the Partridge Czech Nymph hook…


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