Going Fishing – Check Your BC River Levels First

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I often get emails and phone calls as to whether the Squamish River is at a level that is fishable. Luckily our Government has created a website that allows anyone with access to the Internet to find out just that!



Here is the website you should bookmark:




When you pick your “Province”, in this case “British Columbia” you are then given the option for a “River” or “Station #”. For this example I have chosen “British Columbia” and in particular the “Squamish River” as I plan to get out there tomorrow. It is a good idea to have knowledge of where on the river that the river level recorder is located because some rivers in the province are very long and the level at one end of the river can be entirely different than the other. In any case, after running the report, I can tell from the graph below that the river will be at approximately 3 meters or less which I know is “fishable” from past experience. See the Pic Below:

As you can see from the graph the river is dropping because the rain we had that started the 31st of October is finally letting up. In addition, the daytime and nighttime temperatures in the mountains is dropping below freezing. I know as long as these temperatures continue into the night and that no additional rain falls between now and tomorrow, the river should be in good shape. ie Fishable. NOTE: The only time that the river is not fishable is when it is on the rise and passing “3”.
Try it out on your local BC River to see what you can find out.
Tight Lines = Good Times!

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