Enforcement is Up – Know Your Regulations

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Please adhere to the regulations as enforcement is up. I personally have been checked more this year than any other year in my guiding career! Good to see officers out there.

There is ZERO retention of ANY wild fish in the Squamish/Cheakamus River systems.

To be clear on this, if the water is moving ie a river/stream in Region 2 you can not keep any trout or char PERIOD!!!! Most rivers/streams have bait bans so no worms, no powerbait, no scents. Barbless hooks are also a must!

So to be safe and enjoy your angling in our Squamish & Whistler Rivers and Streams follow these simple rules:
1. De-barb your single hooks (pinch them down tight with pliers)
3. Use only one hook
4. Don’t use bait or anything that is scented. If it comes in a plastic baggie or jar you probably can’t use it – leave it at WALMART / Canadian Tire / Home Harware
5. Don’t keep anything!!
6. Above all know your regulations (I re-read them every year!)

For those looking for the Region 2 Provincial Freshwater Regulations check here:

More Regulations:

Fishing For Salmon in Freshwater: DFO General Freshwater Salmon Fishing Regulations

Entire BC Freshwater Angling Synopsis (Freshwater Fishing Regulations):

Tight lines!

Clint Goyette

One Comment on “Enforcement is Up – Know Your Regulations”

  1. I've been fishing in Ontario for over 40 years and have yet to see a Conservation Officer on a lake or river. Needless to say, I've never been checked for a license or anything.

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