Dress for Winter Fly Fishing

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Here is what we recommend on any Winter Fly Fishing Outting:

You must remember that on a winter fly fishing trips we are both walking and standing still for prolonged periods of time. We are also prone to getting a little wet, either because of rain or in the unlikely event falling in the drink!Therefore, dressing in layers is recommended. This will allow you to “peel off” layers when walking and put layers back on if stationary.

Do Not Wear Cotton! It absorbs water and will stay wet cooling your feet or body.

Do Wear Wool! Wool socks, Toque (hat), mitts, shirts, sweaters. Even when wool gets wet it will keep you warm!

Layer 1
Polypropylene Socks (wicks moisture away from your feet), Long underwear (Polypropylene), Polypropylene Long sleeve shirt – do not wear too tight of a sock because you will restrict blood flow and your feet will get cold!

Layer 2
Turtleneck Shirt, Pants (I wear Wool Pants), Wool Socks

Layer 3
Long Sleeve Shirt (wool recommended)

Outer Layers
Wool Sweater, Waterproof Jacket(Goretex to breathe)- The rain doesn’t stop us West Coast Fly Fishers!, Touque (Wool Hat), Mitts (I keep these tucked in the top of my waders to warm my hands up when they get cold.)

Eye Protection
Polarized Sunglasses

Hope this helps those not familiar with Canadian Winters!

Don’t let the weather stop you from a great day on the water!

Tight lines!


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