Denis’ First Char – Feb 2006 Re-Post

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February 19th, 2006 gets the check mark for the beginning of great char action this season and Denis Landreville from Tremblant Fly Fishing had a chance to experience it first-hand!

The day started off slow as to be expected because of the low temperatures, but as the day heated up so did the fly fishing!

11:00 am or thereabouts was the first take on my large sculpin pattern. Unfortunately, we did not get to see that fish – LDR, but the very next cast yielded another take and this one didn’t get away. I had found a school.

I hollered upriver to Denis to have him come down to where I had been casting but he declined, so I cast again. Wham&another fish, but alas another LDR. Hollering once more was effective and when he arrived to my location, I stepped off my rock and explained where the char were holding. I also explained that a take from these fish can be subtle and soft, sometimes feeling much like you’ve hooked a small twig on the swing.

He began to cast as I poured some coffee. I watched in great anticipation as I sipped down the hot beverage. 15 more minutes yielded nothing. A bit disheartened I decided it was time for lunch and a change of scenery! We headed back to the truck and traveled to our afternoon location further down the river.
We inhaled our sandwiches, re-strung our fly rods and headed out to the riverbank. I pointed out some features where I felt the fish would be holding, usually a small depression in the river bottom or beside some large woody debris. After making the plan of attack, we headed up river to begin fishing the run.

Well we found them at about 2:45pm; lots of them! I cast 3 times and 3 times I hooked and landed a char. Nice ones too, all 16″ or greater! This time my hollering to Denis was more effective. This time he arrived before I could cast again.

I watched as he cast to where I said they were holding…. wham! He was in. “Interesting; so that’s what they feel like!” he remarked. Then it was on! He was into another one again and again and again. For the last 2 hours of the day it seemed to be almost every cast found a hungry char.

It was too much fun for both of us. We left the river, knowing another cast might yield another fish but we both felt we had had our fun and that we should head home having caught plenty in one day.

Click Here for some videos of the day:

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