Chum Salmon 2006

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Well the run began with the first chum hooked on Oct. 2, 2006 on a classic purple egg sucking wooly bugger. I was unable to slow the fish down as it raced back into the main current and straight towards a seal. Alas he was gone but only after about 4-5 leaps and flips! What a great first hook up!
The next day out was Oct. 6 after a really high tide due to a full moon. Even with the lack of rain, I think the combination of a full moon and high tide really heated things up. Andy from the UK was the first client to really hook into a slew of 2006 fish…his first one on his 3rd or 4th cast of the day!

“I wasn’t prepared for that!” he exclaimed as the fish raced across the current and took off for the sea promptly ending the struggle. It was on! The rest of the day proved to be excellent with 5 landed out of the 12 or so hooked. Not a bad beginning to the season! Flies use included popsicles, purple egg sucking wooly buggers, and a few on some of my own creations.

Oct. 7……the best yet! Waves of chrome fish moving past yielded many hook-ups and a dozen or so landed. The river was still quite low and with relatively good clarity at 2ft of vis. The main fly of the day…popsicles. Active fish were holding in shallow water at about walking speed or slightly faster.

Hints: Purple flies, Type IV wet tip lines and short 3-4ft leaders get the flies down to the fish!

Suggested Fly Lines for Salmon / Steelhead – Get Down!

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