Sculpins and Bull Trout Fly Fishing in Squamish

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Winter in Squamish means it is time to go fly fishing for Bull Trout which are often referred to as Dolly Varden (Salvelinus malma) in these parts. Bulls and Dollies are almost impossible to distinguish visually from one another, however, some would argue that a bull trout has a flattened head compared to a Dolly. Maybe that is the case, … Read More

Catching Bull Trout on the Fly

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How to Catch Bull Trout on the Fly The question on one of the message forums I take part in was basically how to catch bull trout on the fly…. This is my short response: It all depends on the water you are fishing and the time of year. Standard Streamer Set-Up for Bull Trout I have caught bull trout … Read More